Cross-Border Regional Creative Business Networking



377.992,71 EUR



The CB NET project is focused on addressing unemployment issues in the cross-border region by encouraging development of ICT companies. The main project objective is to encourage sustainable economic growth of the cross-border region and develop the business environment. The partnership will target the creative industry and gaming sector and educate SMEs, startups and ICT companies in a series of events, such as gaming hackathons, startup conferences, B2B meetings and standard trainings and workshops. CB NET will set up an ICT cross-border network, develop technical documentation for an incubator in Osijek and Creative HUB in Novi Sad and research potentials of the creative industry in Autonomous Province of Vojvodina.


Business Incubator Osijek (CRO), the project’s lead partner, has the role of managing the team of experts and coordinating all activities during the project implementation. The partner is in charge of organizing gaming hackathons, meetings and trainings in Croatia and setting up an ICT cross-border network in order to gather SMEs working in gaming and creative industries.  

Business Incubator Novi Sad (SER) will organize gaming hackathons, meetings and trainings in Serbia and participate in setting up a network of mentors for education of startups.

Provincial Secretariat for Economy and Tourism (SER) is responsible for creating a study on potentials of the creative industry in Autonomous Province of Vojvodina and development of project technical documentation for the construction of the Creative HUB in Novi Sad. 

City of Osijek (CRO) is responsible for developing project technical documentation for the ICT Incubator in Osijek.


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