Presentation on renewable energy sources held in Satnica Đakovačka

Presentation on renewable energy sources held in Satnica Đakovačka

Addressing poor energy performances of public buildings is at the core of project ‘Energy efficient public power’ (E2P2). The project is focused on increasing energy efficiency in public buildings in Town of Subotica (Serbia) and Municipality of Satnica Đakovačka (Croatia) by installing solar power plants and introducing energy efficient public lightning.

On 4 September 2020 in Municipality of Satnica Đakovačka project partners organized a presentation about renewable energy where main focus and activities of the project were presented to the public. The project is well on the track to achieve the foreseen goals –  installation of 14 solar power plants, energy reconstruction of 3 public buildings and the introduction of efficient public lighting.

The project partners believe that the project will provide new opportunities for their communities to strengthen their energy potential and improve the sustainability.

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