ECO WET – Project Closing conference

EcoWet Final Conference was organized on 13 June 2019 in Osijek with the purpose of presenting results achieved during two years implementation of the project Wetlands Ecosystem Services Assessment in Croatia-Serbia cross border region – EcoWet.  More than 50 stakeholders interested in nature protection in Croatia and Serbia, representing different institutions, participated at the conference.

EcoWet project was funded within the frame of the Interreg IPA Cross Border Programme Croatia-Serbia 2014-2020, and implemented by the nature Conservation Movement of Sremska Mitrovica, Green Osijek, Institute for Nature Conservation of Vojvodina Provence and Public Institutions Agency for Management of Natural Assets in Osijek – Baranja County. Purpose of the project was to contribute to the protection and sustainable use of wetland ecosystems in Danube floodplain in Croatia – Serbia cross border region by assessment of their ecosystems services.

Main result of the project is Guideline for mapping, assessment and monitoring of wetland ecosystems services. Guideline was tested in 6 pilot areas:  Special Ornithological Reserve Podpanj and fishponds Donji Miholjac, Northern Middle Podunavlje, Spačva basin, Special nature reserve Zasavica, Bara Trskovača and Bosut forests. Based on assessed ecosystem services, Action plan for their improvement has been developed for each pilot area, which is an important management toll.

What is more, in order to demonstrate practical applicability of water purification ecosystem services, constructed wetland for purification of waste water has been installed at Visitor Centre of Special Nature Reserve Zasavica in Serbia. In Croatia, channel Ivovac in Zlatna Greda have been restored.

Finally, EcoWet documentary film, produced within the project, recorded all important steps in the process of ecosystem services assessment and will serve as an inspiration to other regions for similar activities.

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