Eco build takes part in the ‘Biomass for Energy’ conference in Ukraine

Eco build, funded within Priority Axis 4 of the Programme, presented project results as part of a conference that brings together professionals and experts in the field of bioenergy and sustainable development. 

Eco Build (full title: Agricultural Waste – Challenges and Business Opportunities) is dedicated to finding new ways of dealing with agricultural waste. Biomass, a typical byproduct found in agricultural regions of Croatia’s and Serbia’s cross-border area, has great potential in the industry as it benefits both the environment and economy. The partnership – Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture in Osijek and Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad – plans to bring added value to the region’s business environment by developing new prototypes from biomass for further use in the construction industry. Partners are dedicated to setting up cooperation among biomass providers and users, construction companies and research institutions, which was one of the reasons to take part in the conference. 

The ‘Biomass for Energy’ conference, held annually for the past 15 years, was organized in Kyiv, Ukraine from 24 – 25 September 2019. With focus of the conference put on topics such as bioenergy projects, production of heat and power from solid waste and biomass resources, Eco build disseminated project results, presented case studies from Croatia and discussed potentials of circular economy, as well as their progress in researching biomass and its potential usage in the industry. With more than 250 participants from more than 15 countries, project representatives showcased how cross-border cooperation supports sustainable energy and innovative ways to strengthen the business environment

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The Eco build project is implemented by two partners from Croatia and Serbia within the Programme Priority Axis 4: Enhancing competitiveness and developing business environment in the programme area. The total budget of the project is 464.582,50 EUR and the total EU co-financing is 394.895,12 EUR of ERDF and IPA II funds. The project started on 1 August 2017 and will finish on 31 January 2020.

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