BIOSOL project presents first SMART-benches and electric car in Šabac and Smart Consumption Control System in Nova Gradiška

Within project BIOSOL the first 2 Strawberry Smart solar powered benches were installed at the main square in Šabac, while two benches with a wider functionality were positioned in the Sava Park and Training centre. Besides different charging options for a wide array of mobile devices, the benches offer USB and WiFi connectivity and air-quality-sensors. The benches became an attraction from the very first day of their positioning.

Eye-catcher for the adult generation is the BIOSOL electric car. This latest generation full electric vehicle with fast charging point at Letnjikovac is a promotor for renewable energy use in the awareness raising activities of BIOSOL.

Project partner City of Nova Gradiška developed „Energy strategy for the City of Nova Gradiška“ which is in line with the Europe 2030 strategy. The ultimate goal of the energy strategy is to achieve a positive impact on the environment through decisions to reduce CO2 emissions and other types of pollution.

Smart Consumption Control System is developed and installed on 10 locations (public buildings), reading energy consumption in real-time, allowing remote access and management to energy consumers reduces consumption by 5 to 10%.

After the training of employees, the City of Nova Gradiška will be able to monitor the electricity consumption in its buildings on a daily basis via the website and react in a timely manner in case of excessive consumption, failure, or other unexpected situations.

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